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Here is our farewell to Missy and a warm welcome to Paddy.
When we adopted Missy from Battersea, she was eight years old and a bundle of mischievous fun. She lived with us for eight and a half happy years, being our constant companion.

She loved her fun agility so much, we made a course for her at home.

Everywhere we went, her smile was broad as she enjoyed every moment of her life. She passed away in June 2014 at the grand age of sixteen and a half.


Our home felt so empty without her, that we made another trip to Battersea to see if there was another little soul who needed the home we could provide.

Your rehoming staff were so kind and considerate, as they assessed which dog would be suitable for us.

We were delighted to welcome little Paddy to our home and our hearts in July. He is a little nervous of new experiences, but with guidance and a lot of fun, he grows in confidence daily. He's even managed to walk over Missy's hurdles and through her weave sticks.

Without your care for dogs, we wouldn't have known and loved Missy, nor have the opportunity to know and love Paddy. Thank you.

Pat & Paul Elliott.

Pat Elliott
ART (Reg'd) Hons., MBSR

Missy and Paddy